TraxTime v.3.8 to v.5 Changes

Changes from version 3.8 to 4.0:

  • For reports, added subtotals for each in/out set. These are rounded up/off or not at all, depending on the user's rounding preference. In the case of a Manager report, the times of the users whose data are included in a report are rounded according to the Manager's roundoff setting.
  • Added a Daily report format that looks like the Weekly, Monthly, etc. formats. It is used when you select Daily Totals and have both in/out times and memos unselected.
  • When selecting a report's date range, clicking the calendar's month and year arrows no longer force the focus to shift from the "FROM:" field to the "TO:" field. The focus shifts only after you click a specific date on the calendar.
  • Added two similar date range options on the report creation window, THIS and LAST. These two options let you select the current day/week/month/quarter/year, or the last X days/weeks/months/quarters/years without specifying the actual dates. This is very useful for people who use the template feature and do not like resetting the specific dates each time they run a report.
  • Added a report creation date option, ALL DATES. Use this if you want to see the details all of the time ever recorded for a project.
  • Added the option on the report creation window to always select all projects for reports. This is useful for TraxTime users who want to create report templates that always include all projects automatically, even when new project names are added after the template is created.
  • Added option to have reports that are exported to comma-delimited files write one in/out set per line, rather than all nine in/out sets for a project-date per line.
  • When you create a report to the screen, then highlight it and copy it to the clipboard, all triple- and double-tabs are now reduced to single tab characters. This cleans up the text for pasting into other programs.
  • Added day-of-week (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) to the date descriptions of daily activity reports.
  • Improved compatibility with various printer drivers.
  • Fixed a bug that could run a Manager report using the Manager's data rather than the data of the employee whose name is selected (checked). When running a report for one person on the Manager's edition, TraxTime was looking at the highlighted name instead of the checked name.
  • On the Report Display window, typing Ctrl+A will select all of the lines of the report.
  • When the Report Display window is displayed, typing Ctrl+C will copy all highlighted lines in the report to the clipboard, whether or not the listbox has the focus.
  • Fixed problem with printing out reports that contain memos with very long paragraphs.
  • Improved the display of the daily reporting sub-options (include in/out times, memos, sort by time) to visually convey why the sub-options are or are not available to be selected.
  • Added the option to minimize TraxTime to the notification area (system tray). You can right-click on its icon to punch in/out, change projects, and write memos.
  • Added option that allows you to punch out of one project and into another by double-clicking your mouse on the desired project. This works on both the main window list of projects and the pop-up list that can be evoked from the TraxTime icon in the notification area.
  • Improved TraxTime’s round-off/round-up feature. Each individual in/out set is now rounded, not just the totals.
  • Added option to round up to the next 1 minute. For example, if you punch in to a project at 8:00 am, make a 20 second phone call, then punch out and it is still 8:00 am, this option will make your reports show 1 minute was spent. Likewise, if you punch in at 8:00 and punch out at 8:05, 6 minutes will appear in your report totals.
  • Added Billing Codes, which are associated with project names. The codes can be up to 10 characters long, and included in reports.
  • Added the option to the Reminder Tune feature to monitor your keyboard and mouse activity and only play the reminder tune when you are using your computer.
  • Added the option for the Reminder Tune to play whenever you are punched out for a specified period of time, as well as punched in.
  • You can now choose between 1 and 999 minutes for the Reminder Tune interval, instead of a few preset times.
  • Added the ability to hide project names from the main list. Hidden project times are excluded from the running totals.
  • Added the ability to designate specific in/out times as Non-Billable Times. You can choose to include or exclude these times in your reports.
  • Improved the positioning and appearance of the pop-up list of projects, used when punching in from the minimized icon.
  • Fixed problem with TraxTime's Stay-On-Top feature conflicting with other programs.
  • Added support for the Windows XP visual style.
  • Added accelerator key (Ctrl+P) to activate the "Punch In/Out" button via your keyboard.
  • Added accelerator key (Alt+C) to jump to the Project List on the main window.
  • Added more information to the error dialog that appears if the user types unusual text into one of the yellow time boxes.
  • Fixed bug that displayed the wrong project name at the top of the main window if you tried changing projects without punching out first.
  • Fixed bug that didn't move memo entries along with the in/out times when you edit the yellow time boxes and remove an entire line, shifting the in/out times up.
  • Added saving the position of the main window, memo window, and report display window between sessions.
  • Added support for UNC paths to specify a remote data location. (Example: \\Server5\traxdata\) Mapped paths still work, too. (Example: G:\traxdata\)
  • Rewrote the "do you want to punch out now?" message that appears when exiting the program if you are still punched IN. It is shorter and easier to understand.
  • TraxTime now changes the attributes of its data files automatically to read-write status upon startup if they are found to be read-only. (They can get inadvertently set to read-only when placed on a CD-ROM then copied back to a hard drive.)
  • Improved the error message that appears if TraxTime cannot open its data files due to an older copy of the database engine being installed on the computer.
  • Speeded up the installation routine. Sometimes it would pause for a long time, looking for previous copies of TraxTime on your computer, before continuing.
  • Improved the shutdown sequence if TraxTime cannot find its data files.
  • Reduced the possibility of seeing "cascading" error messages when something goes wrong.
  • New messages were added to help diagnose problems that may occur when trying to set a command-line path to your data files.
  • Added safeguards to help stop users from entering invalid characters when they type their initials as part of TraxTime's setup routine.
  • Improved TraxTime's ability to read manually entered periods (.) as time separators. Periods are used when entering times from the keypad. For example, 8.30 is converted into 8:30am. This was a problem with some regional settings like Finnish and German.
  • Fixed a few typos in the quotations that are shown when TraxTime exits.
  • When the setup routine is completed, TraxTime is now launched.
  • Added Start Menu items for TraxTime Readme and TraxTime Uninstall during the setup routine.
  • Added option to "preview" memo text when you hover your mouse cursor over a memo button.
  • Added a "Cancel" button to the Memo edit box.
  • Added the ability to close the Memo edit box with keyboard shortcuts. Pressing F12 saves any changes made to the memo and closes it, while ESC cancels any changes to the memo and closes it.
  • The memo window text now uses a larger font. It is 10 points regular instead of 8 points bold.
  • The memo window now selects all text when you type Ctrl+A.
  • Added a vertical scrollbar to the memo edit box.
  • Added the ability to resize the memo edit window so that you can see more (or less) of your text.
  • TraxTime now saves memo text even if you exit TraxTime without closing the memo window.
  • When writing a memo, the button used to open the memo now has a green background.
  • Added the current project's name to the top of the memo editing window.
  • Added the option to have the memo edit window pop up each time you punch in to a project.
  • Added the ability to print lists of the project names. Manager-level users can print shared project names, too.
  • Added the ability to export project names to a text file. Manager-level users can export shared project names, too.
  • Added the ability to import a list of new project names from a plain text file (formatted one project name per line). You can also import Billing Codes along with your project names. Manager edition users also can import names and Billing Codes into the shared project names list.
  • Added a new window for adding project names and billing codes.

Changes from version 4.00 to 5.00:

  • Added - Microsoft Windows 8, 7 and Vista compatibility.
  • Changed - TraxTime's data files are no longer maintained in the same folder with the traxtime.exe file (by default, it was c:\program files\traxtime). They are now kept in the operating system's designated "application data" folder.
  • For Windows 8, 7 and Vista, it is usually
  • For Windows XP and 2000, it is usually
    c:\documents and settings\<username>\application data\traxtime
  • For Windows NT4, it is usually
    c:\winnt\profiles\<username>\application data\traxtime
  • For Windows ME and 98 it is usually
    c:\windows\application data\traxtime
  • Deprecated - The old traxtime.dat file is no longer used. It has been replaced by traxtime.ini, which resides in the application data folder (described above).
  • Deprecated - The old method of designating the path to TraxTime data by editing your TraxTime shortcut has been eliminated. If TraxTime does not find its data, it will prompt you to locate the data. That path will then be saved in the traxtime.ini file (described above).
  • Deprecated - TraxTime is no longer supported on Window 95 or Windows NT4.
  • Fixed - Problem navigating the list of projects on the main TraxTime window. If a project name included non-A-Z characters, and you type the first few characters of the project name to select the project, it might not get selected.
  • Added - Two new features, Backup and Restore. These make it easy to move your TraxTime data from one computer to another, as well as make back-up copies of your TraxTime data.
  • Added - Automatic unattended shutdown of TraxTime. If you are punched in to a project when TraxTime exits, and you do not make a selection from the choices after 15 seconds, TraxTime automatically exits and leaves the clock running. Also, the quote displayed when TraxTime exits now disappears automatically after 20 seconds.
  • Improved - Formatting of Help File pages.
  • Improved - When opening a report template, if you have one of the THIS or LAST date options set, the calendar will default to the first date of your range.
  • Updated - Help file topics.
  • Changed - Program icon. Reduced the amount of time TraxTime waits after you stop typing in a yellow time edit box before it assumes that you are done. Changed from 15 seconds to 8 seconds.
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn't let you directly edit the TO time on the report creation date window if you used a report template that specified a FROM-TO date range.
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn't save manual time edits in the yellow boxes if you typed in a time then immediately clicked the TraxTime exit button without first waiting a few seconds, or switching focus to a different control.
  • Fixed a bug that didn't update the time totals if you manually edited a time, then immediately clicked the TraxTime minimize button. The times would be updated only after the window was restored.
  • Improved the 4.0 data conversion routine's ability to read non-standard project names.
  • Fixed problem with option settings sometimes not being saved if TraxTime is closed while minimized.
  • Fixed - If used on very large monitors, an error message would sometimes appear.
  • Fixed - After a new project name was added, TraxTime's main window was not being cleared of previous data.
  • Fixed - Problem with opening the Delete Data By Date dialog box.
  • Fixed - Problem with the dates selected by the new "This Week" and "Last X Weeks" report options if your "Weeks Begin On" option did not match the default for your country/language.
  • Fixed - Problem with "This Year" and "Last X Years" date selection.
  • Fixed - Problem with reports generated from data containing a lot of non-billable times.
  • Fixed - Under some circumstances, TraxTime could become permanently minimized.
  • Added - Data export can now include billing codes. Fixed - TraxTime 4.0's Round Up option did not operate consistently.
  • Added - Choice to have TraxTime's round-up feature round up whole minutes only (on by default) or fractions of a minute.
  • Fixed - TraxTime would not start correctly under some circumstances if Stay-On-Top was enabled.
  • Fixed - If the preferred starting day of the week was not saved due to a system crash, TraxTime now defaults to Sunday.
  • Added - Any leading and trailing spaces are removed from new project names and billing codes.
  • Added - Additional protection against creating blank project names.
  • Added - Option to copy shared project names to the local project list.
  • Added - New warning message if you try to run a report without selecting any of the time total checkboxes (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.).
  • Changed - If you have an in/out punch set with the same times totaling 0 minutes (example: In: 8:00a - Out: 8:00a), TraxTime now displays those times in daily reports.
  • Changed - Increased internal memory for project names.
  • Changed - Improved TraxTime's method of saving data.
  • Fixed - Problem with TraxTime not saving the text in an open memo window when midnight passes.
  • Fixed - Problem regarding the display of memo-only records (with no corresponding in/out times) in daily reports.
  • Fixed - Removed an unnecessary message that would appear if a pre-v.4 manager updated without having any shared project files.
  • Fixed - "Bad dataset number" error message seen by some users when punching in/out.
  • Fixed - Rounding error. Sometimes seen when a round up option was selected and the "Only round up whole minutes" box was unchecked in options, and the user had entered identical in and out times.
  • Fixed - Duplicate tool tip hint on Options window.
  • Fixed - Problem with project names not being selected when a non-default report template was opened.
  • Fixed - Problem with the current record not being displayed correctly when you close the "Edit Data For Earlier Date" dialog.
  • New - Added some text to the About dialog box to identify the Manager's edition.
  • Fixed - Problem with report window not displaying correctly under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed - Typo on site license registration dialog box.
  • Added - Test to ensure complete in/out times when user is done editing times for earlier dates.
  • Added - When user is done editing times for earlier date, any memo text is now automatically saved.
  • Fixed - Problem with changing user initials.

Version 5.xx changes

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