TraxTime Screenshots

Main Screen

This is TraxTime's main screen as it appears on your desktop.

It's easy to start time tracking. You simply select a project name from the list then click the big Punch In button. Automatically, a new time entry is created in one of the yellow time fields.

Main TraxTime Screen

The time fields are easy to change, too. You just click on one and start typing.

Notice the light blue highlight around one of the memo buttons. That means that there is a memo written for that time entry. Just click that button, and a memo edit window appears.

Report Creation Screens

After you have done some time tracking, you will want to generate a report. TraxTime makes that easy, too.

Here are some of the windows you see when you create a report. When you select the Options 1 tab, you choose the projects that you want to see in your report, as well as a variety of viewing options.

Report Options 1

The Options 2 tab lets you filter in/out times that you set as Non-Billable. You can also set options for Billing Codes in your reports, and the format for exporting to comma separated value (CSV) files.

Report Options 2

When you click the Dates tab on the same form, you can choose the dates that you want your report to include. You can type the dates in the white boxes, or you can click the calendar and the appropriate white box(es) will be filled in for you.

Report Dates

If you have the Manager's version and click the Manager tab, you see these items. They allow you to create reports that show the times of other TraxTime users, as well as customize the header at the top of your report.

Report Manager

What Does A Report Look Like?

Here's part of a standard report showing in/out times from a few days of time tracking. You can view the data in several different ways--this shows it sorted by time.

Report Example 1

Here's another report that shows a different way of looking at daily totals, as well as monthly and quarterly totals. You can also get weekly and yearly totals, as well as totals for any date range you specify.

Report Example 2

What Do The Manager Reports Look Like?

Here's an example of a Manager's report that was saved by TraxTime to a text file.

I shows the times for a group of employees after a week of using TraxTime as their time tracking software. Notice that everybody's In/Out times are listed. You can turn this off if you don't need that level of detail.

At the end of the report, you'll see everyone's times totaled up in a concise weekly view. You can easily show totals by month, quarter, or year, too. Also, if you wanted to read all of the associated memos that everyone wrote, you could include those in the report, too.

TraxTime report for Mark Twain created 2/25/2009 10:27 AM

These employees' times are included in this report:
Becky Thatcher
Huck Finn
Mark Twain
Tom Sawyer

2/1/2009        Acme--Atlanta
    2:53    Becky Thatcher's time
    in: 2:39p        out: 5:32p
    3:28    Huck Finn's time
    in: 10:49a        out: 12:02p
    in: 3:03p        out: 5:18p
    1:02    Tom Sawyer's time
    in: 10:29a        out: 11:03a
    in: 2:34p        out: 3:02p
    7:23    Total for all employees

2/1/2009        Acme--Chicago
    0:42    Huck Finn's time
    in: 7:37a        out: 8:19a
    0:42    Total for all employees

2/1/2009        Acme--San Diego
    1:19    Becky Thatcher's time
    in: 10:53a        out: 12:12p
    2:29    Huck Finn's time
    in: 8:19a        out: 10:48a
    0:42    Tom Sawyer's time
    in: 1:52p        out: 2:34p
    4:30    Total for all employees

2/1/2009        Acme--Toronto
    4:50    Becky Thatcher's time
    in: 7:38a        out: 10:53a
    in: 1:03p        out: 2:38p
    2:14    Huck Finn's time
    in: 12:49p        out: 3:03p
    7:41    Mark Twain's time
    in: 8:01a        out: 11:44a
    in: 1:01p        out: 4:59p
    14:45    Total for all employees

2/2/2009        Acme--Atlanta
    1:50    Becky Thatcher's time
    in: 10:28a        out: 12:18p
    1:06    Huck Finn's time
    in: 10:43a        out: 11:49a
    0:38    Tom Sawyer's time
    in: 9:46a        out: 10:24a
    3:34    Total for all employees

2/2/2009        Acme--Chicago
    0:33    Becky Thatcher's time
    in: 7:32a        out: 8:05a
    0:33    Total for all employees

2/2/2009        Acme--San Diego
    4:52    Becky Thatcher's time
    in: 8:05a        out: 10:21a
    in: 1:02p        out: 3:38p
    0:53    Huck Finn's time
    in: 4:39p        out: 5:32p
    5:45    Total for all employees

2/2/2009        Acme--Toronto
    2:31    Becky Thatcher's time
    in: 10:21a        out: 10:28a
    in: 3:38p        out: 6:02p
    7:06    Huck Finn's time
    in: 8:03a        out: 10:42a
    in: 12:12p        out: 4:39p
    0:07    Tom Sawyer's time
    in: 9:39a        out: 9:46a
    9:44    Total for all employees

2/3/2009        Acme--Atlanta
    2:01    Becky Thatcher's time
    in: 1:12p        out: 3:13p
    2:01    Total for all employees

2/3/2009        Acme--Chicago
    0:46    Becky Thatcher's time
    in: 4:37p        out: 5:23p
    0:35    Huck Finn's time
    in: 11:28a        out: 12:03p
    1:21    Total for all employees

2/3/2009        Acme--San Diego
    3:28    Becky Thatcher's time
    in: 8:03a        out: 11:31a
    2:45    Huck Finn's time
    in: 10:15a        out: 11:28a
    in: 12:59p        out: 2:31p
    0:41    Tom Sawyer's time
    in: 2:39p        out: 3:20p
    6:54    Total for all employees

2/3/2009        Acme--Toronto
    3:29    Becky Thatcher's time
    in: 6:38a        out: 8:03a
    in: 11:31a        out: 12:11p
    in: 3:13p        out: 4:37p
    5:16    Huck Finn's time
    in: 7:38a        out: 10:15a
    in: 2:31p        out: 5:10p
    0:39    Tom Sawyer's time
    in: 3:20p        out: 3:59p
    9:24    Total for all employees

2/4/2009        Acme--Atlanta
    5:07    Becky Thatcher's time
    in: 8:19a        out: 12:23p
    in: 4:49p        out: 5:52p
    0:50    Huck Finn's time
    in: 11:39a        out: 12:29p
    0:47    Mark Twain's time
    in: 4:15p        out: 5:02p
    0:26    Tom Sawyer's time
    in: 10:39a        out: 11:05a
    7:10    Total for all employees

2/4/2009        Acme--Chicago
    0:41    Becky Thatcher's time
    in: 7:38a        out: 8:19a
    1:50    Huck Finn's time
    in: 1:39p        out: 3:29p
    1:24    Tom Sawyer's time
    in: 1:24p        out: 2:48p
    3:55    Total for all employees

2/4/2009        Acme--San Diego
    2:19    Becky Thatcher's time
    in: 2:30p        out: 4:49p
    6:42    Huck Finn's time
    in: 7:49a        out: 11:39a
    in: 3:29p        out: 6:21p
    4:13    Mark Twain's time
    in: 12:02p        out: 4:15p
    13:14    Total for all employees

2/4/2009        Acme--Toronto
    1:18    Becky Thatcher's time
    in: 12:23p        out: 1:41p
    1:36    Mark Twain's time
    in: 9:20a        out: 10:56a
    2:54    Total for all employees

2/5/2009        Acme--Atlanta
    1:37    Huck Finn's time
    in: 10:25a        out: 12:02p
    1:37    Total for all employees

2/5/2009        Acme--Chicago
    5:30    Becky Thatcher's time
    in: 7:38a        out: 10:16a
    in: 1:00p        out: 3:52p
    2:14    Huck Finn's time
    in: 6:29a        out: 8:10a
    in: 4:29p        out: 5:02p
    0:39    Tom Sawyer's time
    in: 2:23p        out: 3:02p
    8:23    Total for all employees

2/5/2009        Acme--San Diego
    5:04    Huck Finn's time
    in: 8:10a        out: 10:24a
    in: 1:39p        out: 4:29p
    5:04    Total for all employees

2/5/2009        Acme--Toronto
    3:58    Becky Thatcher's time
    in: 10:16a        out: 12:04p
    in: 3:52p        out: 6:02p
    0:26    Huck Finn's time
    in: 12:02p        out: 12:28p
    1:19    Tom Sawyer's time
    in: 9:29a        out: 10:48a
    5:43    Total for all employees:


Week Of Sunday, January 31, 2009 to Saturday, February 06, 2009
    11:51    Becky Thatcher
    7:01    Huck Finn
    0:47    Mark Twain
    2:06    Tom Sawyer
    21:45    Employee Total

    7:30    Becky Thatcher
    5:21    Huck Finn
    2:03    Tom Sawyer
    14:54    Employee Total

    Acme--San Diego
    11:58    Becky Thatcher
    17:53    Huck Finn
    4:13    Mark Twain
    1:23    Tom Sawyer
    35:27    Employee Total

    16:06    Becky Thatcher
    15:02    Huck Finn
    9:17    Mark Twain
    2:05    Tom Sawyer
    42:30    Employee Total

    114:36    Total for all projects