TraxTime Reviews

Over the years, TraxTime has been recognized by computer industry writers and the real experts – our customers – as one of the best time tracking software programs available. Here is a sampling of what they have written.

PC Magazine

5-Star Rating

"If you bill time or track efficiency or project profitability, TraxTime is an ideal utility."

Reprinted from PC Magazine. Copyright (c) ZD Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Windows Magazine

"Installing TraxTime is like putting a punch clock on your PC."

Reprinted from Windows Magazine. All Rights Reserved.

SoftOxi Download Site

5-Star Rating

"This easy-to-use application can prove to be a highly effective tool for any user concerned about the profit of their projects."

SoftOxi's review and video tutorial for TraxTime

PC Computing Magazine

Best Of The Internet Award

"Keep track of the time you spend on an unlimited number of projects and events."

Reprinted from PC Computing Magazine. All Rights Reserved.

Greater Boston's JobFind

Dr. Gadget's Column by John P. Mello Jr.

"What I particularly like about TraxTime is that it doesn't try to overreach itself. There's no feature bloat. If something is in the program, it's there because you need it.

"TraxTime is a terrific program for anyone who makes his or her living through billable hours, but it can be equally valuable to someone who wants to get his or her work life in order."

Article is © by John P. Mello Jr. Reprinted by permission from the author.

Customer Comment

"I have been using TraxTime for quite some time now as an associate at our law firm. There are probably just as many ways of keeping track of one's billable hours (whether computerized or hand-written) as there are attorneys. I have found TraxTime to be invaluable in keeping meticulous time records."

"In no time at all, I can calculate how many hours I have billed for a particular project over any period of time; I can calculate how many billable hours I have per week, month, quarter, year—or any time frame I choose; and I can accurately keep track of how much time I spend on a project each day."

"TraxTime's simplicity of use is uncommon for the powerful tool that it is."

"Thanks for making such a useful (and affordable) product."

—Vittorio S. LaPira, Esq.

Customer Comment

"TraxTime has helped me improve my bottom line!!! Thanks!"

—Lew Marchese

Customer Comment

"Purchasing TraxTime was one of the smartest things I've ever done! I love the program!"

—Linda Wegner

Customer Comment

"I really like your product: it's as simple as I want it to be and as powerful as I need it to be. That's why I've recommended it to a number my colleagues."

—Brian Barber
Magic Words

Customer Comment

"Your program is easy and intuitive, and your tutorials are great. And more importantly, I am certain I will NEVER fall behind on my invoicing again!"

—DJB, Web Consultant
Los Angeles

Customer Comment

"We have looked at dozens and dozens of project tracking programs. For our small staff, TraxTime just beats the pants off of everything else."

"We know, after five years and millions of dollars in revenues, that TraxTime plain flat WORKS!"

—G.M. Chishti
IMC Digital Universe

Customer Comment

"We can't believe how great the program is. It has simplified our lives so much."

"Also, thank you very much for your spectacular customer service."

—Margaret Tofflemire
Toffson Tax

Customer Comment

"TraxTime is one of my backbone apps that I use every day all day. I just couldn't function efficiently without it."

"Before I settled on using TraxTime I looked at quite a few other time trackers and all of them were so complex and overblown that they were a pain to use."

"I blip in and out of TraxTime all day long as I move from project to project with nary a hitch. I make pricing, job and materials notes with ease and get reports that are clear and easy to read. Great product."

—S. Prestek
Prestek Design Services

Customer Comment

"TraxTime rocks! I hate time tracking, and this is the easiest way to do it."

—L. Mansell

Customer Comment

"I couldn't work without your software. I've tried 'em all, yours is the best."

—K. McHugh

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