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TraxTime v.5

Looking for easy and affordable time tracking software? You can count on TraxTime!

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Are you a professional who bills your time?

  • You need an easy and accurate way to track your time. Try TraxTime. It's the simple, no-fuss solution.
  • TraxTime helps you get paid for ALL of your work.
  • Ever been asked to justify your bill? No problem. Just create a TraxTime report and provide your client with all the details.

Do you supervise employees?

  • Finally, get a handle on exactly how much time your employees (and you) spend on your organization's projects.
  • Thanks to its simple interface, TraxTime is the time tracking software solution that's easy to implement in your workplace.
  • TraxTime's Standard edition is perfect for most employees. But consider buying the Manager's edition for yourself. With it, your reports can display the times of other Traxtime users. Click here for more Manager's edition details.

Get TraxTime and put a Personal Punch Clock on your computer!

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5 Stars 5-star rating
"If you bill time or track efficiency or project profitability, TraxTime is an ideal utility."
- PC Magazine

TraxTime combines a simple interface with powerful features

  • Effortless punch clock-style operation. Just select a project and punch in.
  • Detailed text memos can be associated with all time entries.
  • Unlimited number of projects.
  • All in/out times and memos can be edited easily at any time.
  • Idle time detection. Reminds you to punch in and track your time.
  • Network compatible.
  • Generate custom reports. You can print, save to disk, or view them on screen.
  • Lots of options (billing codes, military time, round up minutes, etc.).
  • Compatible with Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP.

Create reports easily in TraxTime

Build reports in seconds. Just click a few checkboxes, a button or two, and you're done!

Save your settings to a template for even faster reports later.

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Trial Edition

Download trial edition

Want to try before you buy? Click the button for a 30-day free trial of TraxTime v.5 (2.9 mb). Download and run the setup file to install TraxTime on your computer.

Your full satisfaction is guaranteed

  • Risk-free 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Free downloads of all TraxTime version 5.x updates.
  • No subscription fees. Pay once for our time tracking software, then you can use it forever.
  • Free technical support by e-mail.
  • Safe and secure on-line ordering.
  • Your information remains confidential, and is never shared with other companies.
  • For over 15 years we have sold our software to thousands of happy customers.
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Great Value!

TraxTime costs only $39.00 for a standard license!

Take control of your time without emptying your wallet.

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"I love TraxTime! I've learned that I haven't been billing my clients for as much time as I actually work. TraxTime paid for itself the first day!"

—Valerie J. Kushnerov Navigator Services

"TraxTime is SO SIMPLE I love it. Anyone can understand it immediately. The report generation is so easy a 5-year-old could do it."

—Ed Osworth www.successprofessor.com

"I have used TraxTime for about 2 months now, and know I have increased my billing hours by about 25 percent."

"I work at home with 2 children and there are times when I work for 5 minutes, stop for 10, work for 10, stop for 15...you get the idea. It is SO much easier to keep track of my time now!!"

—Deirdre Chisholm Stephens Classic Secretarial Service

"Your TraxTime software is very quick, accurate, easy to use, and exactly fits our needs."

"Other time tracking software programs are huge, complicated, and just overkill!"

—Michael A. Jackson
Brazos Associates, Inc.

"I can't tell you enough how much TraxTime has helped me. I now bill almost a third more hours than I did before. And the best part is that for the hours that aren't really billable I still show on my invoice to let my customers know that I did extra work and did not bill them for it."

"It has been a very effective way to add value to my services while educating my clients as to how much work really goes into their projects."

"Thanks again for all the great work!"

—Eric L. Sayles
Custom Technical Services

"I only started making decent money after I bought TraxTime!"

"I had been spending my whole time working away and generating very little billing time. After buying TraxTime I immediately saw the problem - I was charging my clients only for the time spent on updating their website when I needed to be charging for the whole job of communication, updates and testing."

"The first month that I used TraxTime my income jumped."

—David Grace
Abacus Web Services

"TraxTime is a very neat piece of software. It saves me an enormous amount of hassle and helps me justify every minute of time to my clients."

—D. Simpson, attorney-at-law