The Timesheet in TimeCalcPro

This Spreadsheet Calculates Times

Need to add up employee time cards fast? Or track a time card for yourself? Then you should try TimeCalcPro's Timesheet.


Let your computer total the times

Adding up employee work times has never been easier!

Just type an employee's in and out times in Timesheet's spreadsheet-style cells, and they are totaled up automatically.

Fantastic features

  • Timesheets can be saved, printed, exported to MS Word, exported to Excel, copied to your clipboard, and more

  • Create an unlimited number of timesheet documents for any dates

  • Automatic completion of partially-typed time entries

  • Copy and paste blocks of in/out times that were recorded in Excel and other programs directly into Timesheet

Automatic overtime

Whenever your overtime thresholds are met, additional time total rows are displayed at the bottom of the timesheet. They show both regular and overtime hours, in addition to the grand total.

Need more room for entering times? No problem

It's easy to add new date rows and in-out columns.

Most users track one week or one month at a time, but if you're feeling ambitious you could create a timesheet document for an entire year, and put in 100 sets of in-out columns.

Work past midnight?

You can set Timesheet's rows to accept in/out times that cross midnight. Then just click the Midnight Shuffle button to have your times distributed to the correct days.

For example, you see this row includes an 'in' time that begins on September 14, but the 'out' time is past midnight, so it really belongs on September 15.

When the Timesheet's Midnight Shuffle button is clicked, the times are redistributed properly. (If needed, the Timesheet automatically will create a new row, or add new in-out columns.)

An abundance of options

This screen shot shows the options for TimeCalcPro's Timesheet.

Notice that you can adjust time-and-a-half and double overtime triggers, change your week start day, select whether to round up or round off times, format the times and answers, and much more.


The Timesheet Is Part Of TimeCalcPro

TimeCalcPro includes the Timesheet and four other advanced date and time calculators. Click below to learn the capabilities of each tool.

Time Calculator - AM/PM Clock Calculator - Calendar-Clock Calculator - Date Time Difference Calculator


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System Requirements

  • Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP
  • 1024 x 768 or higher resolution monitor