The Time Calculator in TimeCalcPro

As easy as a regular calculator, but tailored for times

Time Calculator

The TimeCalcPro Time Calculator adds, subtracts, multiplies and divides any combination of:

  • Seconds

  • Minutes

  • Hours

  • Days

It's fast and easy because you operate it like a regular calculator.

Here's an example of hours and minutes added up in Time Calculator:

Also, you can multiply hours, minutes and seconds like this:

Choose Any Combinations

What if you don't want hours and minutes? Then choose whatever time units you want. For example, you can add up a list of days, hours and fractions of an hour, yet display the answer in hours, seconds and fractions of a second:

And then, why not divide that answer by 17.435? (Notice that the running total is kept in the Entry format so that you can continue to work with it.)

No other calculator gives you that level of flexibility.

How can the Time Calculator switch between time units like that?

It's all in the options.

Here's a screen shot of the options that are available for Time Calculator. Notice that you can set the entry format separately from the answer format. You can also choose whether to round your answers, configure decimal places, how to copy answers to the clipboard, and more.


Time Conversions, Too

What if you want to convert times, like from days to hours? No problem. TimeCalcPro's Time Calculator can convert between ANY combination of days, hours, minutes and seconds. That's hundreds of available combinations!

Just a few conversion examples are:

  • Days to hours

  • Hours to days

  • Minutes to hours

  • Seconds to hours

  • Hours to days and seconds

  • Days and hours to minutes and seconds

  • Days and hours and minutes and seconds to hours

You can convert single numbers, or an entire calculation.

Other Time Calculator Features

  • Running tape displays your complete calculations

  • Memory buttons let you combine and deduct the result of several calculations

  • Ability to use fractional units, like 4.625 days

  • Extensive help file

The Time Calculator Is Part Of TimeCalcPro

TimeCalcPro includes the Time Calculator and four other advanced date and time calculators. Click below to learn the capabilities of each tool.

AM/PM Clock Calculator - Calendar-Clock Calculator - Date Time Difference Calculator - Timesheet


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System Requirements

  • Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP
  • 1024 x 768 or higher resolution monitor