The Calendar-Clock Calculator in TimeCalcPro

Add or subtract days, weeks, months and years from any date

Quick…what's the date 222 days beyond next Tuesday? Or, what was the date 10 years, 10 months, and 10 weeks before today?

You don't have to spend five minutes flipping through your calendar to find those kinds of answers. Just use TimeCalcPro's Calendar-Clock Calculator.

You'll have your answers instantly. (And unlike the calendar-flipping method, you won't have to do it twice to double-check your answer!)

Calendar Clock Calculator

Speed Through Calendar Calculations

What could be easier? All you do is:

  1. Select a date from the drop-down calendar
  2. Choose the Add or Subtract button
  3. Enter your desired number of years, months, weeks, and/or days

Immediately your answer appears.

Dates And Times, Too!

You can include hours, minutes, and seconds in your calculations, too.

This example shows the answer to the equation: July 4, 1776, 5:00 pm + 9000 days, 8000 hours, 7000 minutes, and 6000 seconds =

Calendar Clock Screen Shot

Work With Virtually Any Date

July 1776 calendar

Our Calendar-Clock Calculator has an incredible range. It works with all dates between January 1, 100 to December 30, 9999.

Customize Via The Options

This screen shot shows the options for the Calendar-Clock Calculator.

You can see the many settings available for your answer dates and times. You can include day-of-the-week, 12-hour (am/pm time) or 24-hour (military time), and hide or show seconds. There are also options to copy your answers to the Windows clipboard, set headers and footers, and more.

Calendar Clock Options

The Calendar-Clock Calculator Is Part Of TimeCalcPro

TimeCalcPro includes the Calendar-Clock Calculator and four other advanced date and time calculators. Click below to learn the capabilities of each tool.

Time Calculator - AM/PM Clock Calculator - Date Time Difference Calculator - Timesheet


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System Requirements

  • Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP
  • 1024 x 768 or higher resolution monitor